What is the best treatment for dry skin?

Irritated and cracking, sore to touch and even sometimes causes bleeding, yep, I’m talking about dry skin.

It makes us itchy and even causes pain pending on the severity. Dry skin affects not just your face, hands and feet but essentially all over your body. Finding the best treatment for dry skin will be determined on what part of your body is affected. It can be tricky treating dry skin. It’s not about just slathering on some lotion. Sometimes even the lotion itself can cause pain if your skin is cracking and has open tears.

Story time! I used to work in a salon as a stylist. I was always washing my clients hair before or sometimes after services. My hands were always exposed to water and chemicals from product and color. The constant exposure left me with super dry hands. I’m talking really bad dry skin. My skin would crack and bleed and boy did it hurt! Even now as a mom I’m experiencing similar issues. Washing dishes often makes my hands super dry. It’s even worse in the winter with the super dry air and frigid temperatures!

So having experienced my fair share of dry skin difficulties I wanted to share some tricks that have helped me. The thing with treating dry skin is that there isn’t one way to treat it. There are several ways we can treat our Sahara desert-like skin! Let’s take a look at some ways that I have found that have helped me. I hope they can help you too!

Drink Plenty of Water

This may seem unoriginal but drinking plenty of water really does help the skin overall. Your body truly does need it and if your skin could communicate its need for water than dry skin would be its voice. I know that I said above that having my hands in water all the time caused my dry skin and that may sound contradicting. How can drinking more water help my dry skin when exposed to water on my hands is what helped lead to the dry skin in the first place? Internally our bodies need plenty of water to distribute that moisture throughout our body and that means our skin gets that pick me up too. Drinking plenty of water alone is probably not enough by itself to cure chapped and irritated skin. Staying hydrated is just one step to the smooth and silky skin we are aiming for.

Trap Moisture

What I have found to really help me if my hands or feet are terribly dry is to utilize socks and gloves. I’m sure you have heard it before but it does help! I put on my best thick lotion that’s targeted toward dry skin, My go-to favorites are Udderly Smooth body cream and Aquaphor. If my skin is terribly cracked open then I like to go for just the Aquaphor or sometimes I will even use a combination of the two.

Now the next part seems pretty straight forward. If your hands are the target of your dry skin then get a thin pair of gloves and right before bed put on your lotion and immediately put on your gloves and leave them on until morning. You may need to repeat this for a few nights depending on how severe the dryness is.

When it comes to my feet I will assess the damage first. My worst area when it comes to the dry cracked skin is my heels. Am I right ladies? I have found that most women suffer from this problem too. All those cute sandals pack a wallop of a punch on our heels. If I’m dealing with just my heels I have a pair of socks that I have altered for this purpose. I cut a pair of socks between the toes and midfoot, leaving just the heel section intact. Same concept and instruction as the gloves. I put on the lotion and then the half sock and leave on until morning. Be prepared that heel dryness is usually more prevalent in the summer so you may have to try this method a few times through your summer.

Steam it Up

I don’t know about you but I love hot showers. Not just turn the dial midway kind of hot but full on heat! My husband thinks I’m crazy but it’s just my preference. Hopping into the shower with hot water on but tilting the shower head away from you so your body isn’t getting blasted with lava can help stimulate moisture to absorb into your skin. The heat helps to open up your pores and that in turn allows that moisture to get right into your skin without irritating it.

I have found success by doing something similar when my face is dry. Grab a clean wash rag and run it under hot water. Since it’s going to be applied to your face test out the temperature before you apply so you don’t burn yourself. You could even make it more relaxing by adding a little drop of lavender or another scented oil you prefer. Place the rag on your face and relax. The steam from the wash rag will act just as the shower method did, opening pores and moisture absorbing into the skin. It’s actually quite relaxing too!

Moisture for Treatment of Dry Skin

Finding a good moisturizer is another key ingredient to getting our skin smooth and soft. There are so many out on the market but which ones really deliver? I have my suggestions I mentioned above. What you want to stay away from is scented lotions. While that heavenly smelling Bath and Body Works lotion is great for any other time you will want to steer clear of it until your skin is back to being healthy. We are looking for thick lotions that are marketed directly for dry skin. You may have to reapply the lotion often as well. The best-moisturized lotion I have found for my face is Moisture Restore Day. It works great even if your face isn’t overly dry too which in my book is a bonus!

Along with moisturizing, you may find that you need to use a scrub. This is something I’ve come more aware of in my face and not so much anywhere else. Using a good scrub will help to scour away dead skin that sometimes is left behind in the aftermath of a dry skin breakout. My favorite scrub to use is St. Ives Apricot Scrub. It’s efficient enough in brushing away impurities but gentle enough that it doesn’t irritate my face more than it was. I would only recommend using a scrub on your face after it has obtained more moisture and is on the mend.

Keys to Moisturized and Healthy Skin

All of these tools and suggestions work best when you use them all together. Remember there isn’t just one magic way to treat dry skin. All the key ingredients of a healthy diet and drinking enough water can also help the overall health of our skin. Healthy skin is soft, smooth, supple and radiant! Dry skin happens but I hope that these tips and tricks can help ease your dry skin!


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