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Hello there! Welcome to Skin and Beauty Tips! My name is Jennie and I live in the northeastern part of the U.S. where we get every season. The winters are blistering cold, the summers are hot and humid. Neither of those things are good for your skin. So good skin care has become something I have come to see as very important.


I am married to the love of my life and we have 4 beautiful children. Now passing the dreaded age 30, I’ve noticed the effects of age in my face and skin. Four pregnancies and fluctuating weight have caught up with me now in my third decade of life. Some people are born with impeccable genes (Hello Cindy Crawford!) but for the rest of us we have to live with what we got. Or do we?

I was never big into facials, spa treatments and wearing moisturizer. I had trouble even wearing sunblock while at the beach! The sunburns were brutal! Did you know that your diet, air quality, and weather affect your skin? I didn’t but it’s true!

I grew up with three older brothers and being the youngest and the only girl just wasn’t into standard beauty practices. My overall skin health was something I didn’t give much thought to. That is until I was given a product from a friend and was so impressed with how my skin felt and looked! I started thinking that perhaps taking better care of my skin is something I always should have been doing. The results spoke volumes to me and had me rethinking my lack of appreciation for my own skin.

I have tested out several beauty products throughout the years from make-up to moisturizers. Some were OK and others were duds. I have seen that there are products with hefty price tags that promise big results but don’t deliver. I’m sure you have too! I have often gotten frustrated with wasting the money and disappointed with lack of result. With all the upsets I have experienced with these products I have found some true gems (make that DIAMONDS!) along the way!


There is so much science and benefits to start caring for your skin. It’s the largest organ in your body and we only get one. Taking the steps to care for it are important in your overall health. Good skin care practices can even affect your hair and nails. It’s important to be aware of what we are putting inside our bodies as well since diet and hydration can affect our skin. Healthy diet supplementation is another key ingredient in beautiful radiant skin.

I know how hard it is to find good quality products in the massive sea of retail and that’s why I want to help navigate and pass along what I feel is really worth it. I’m so thankful for that friend that piqued my interest and opened my eyes to taking better care of my body. If I can help one person see the benefits of caring for their body and skin then it’s absolutely worth it.

Do you want to turn back the clock? Do you want smooth, soft and radiant skin? Then look no further because I want to help you achieve those goals and aid your overall body health.


My goal is to educate you on the best tips and products to care for your body and skin. When we do all we can to make changes to aid our overall health then our bodies look and feel so much better. Make-up even looks better when our skin is cared for optimally. A better skin care regimen can get your skin on a healthier track so that it absorbs product best too. I want to help you get the best results without wasting money on things that don’t work. You can have clearer, healthier, softer skin and look years younger!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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